Thursday, April 26, 2012


A simple logic that runs through my mind
A hard truth which is equally hard to grind
is that world that we are possessed by
is unfaithful to everybody who is alive..

And we still have faith in it despite
Our logic that doesn’t fit in the given attire
And I wonder what is it that’s mine
irrespective of all the knowledge and quagmire..
And I wonder how do I know who is mine
irrespective of this cycle of death and life..

A sinking feeling then makes me realize
the depth of simplicity that I have taken in hand so easily
A negative feeling, in me that balloons inside,
then feels the pressure of the positivity in the air outside..
But it keeps soaring high in the sky
And I wonder when the balloon would deflate into nothing…

The complexity has churned nothing out of my head
And to contemplate upon what they and I said
has lost its charm as it doesn’t seem to help!!
So what do I do? Others say that I should take some rest
and spare them from the torture of  the whips of the simple and the complex!
But I say someone would foresee, someone would understand
The need to mull over the seen and unseen, heard and unheard, fought and abandoned..

Well I suggest that this complexity is an exercise to understand the simple
And our logic and thoughts are nothing but ripples
that arise out of some disturbance, good or bad, in our lives..
So let’s just sit quietly at a river bank, under shade of a tree
And drink the beauty of those ripples appearing, swimming, and disappearing
caused by nothing but by pebbles of those moments…

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  1. Hey Ambar.. feels great that u were able to connect with the logic:)

  2. As beautiful as picture of the peebles!

  3. Hi sakshi ji..
    Its interesting ...;your way of narration is very appreciable ..


    1. Hello Faisal ji..thank you:)
      and I'll definitely visit your blog.

  4. Looks like the balloon needs a prick

  5. does...but i think it has to be more inflated for that..the thing it is made up of is not stretched to that extent yet..and i hope it never does!!

  6. Interesting, profound and mind wrenching. Great write up dear...

    1. Hi Saru..I'm glad you liked the post and I loved your comment :)
      Thank You :)

  7. I am always so amazed and inspired by your posts..!! Amazing work.. :)

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    1. Hi Jyoti..thank you for the lovely comment :)
      Keep visiting..!

  9. As I scrolled down, reading, understanding each line..........i felt its increasing intensity of thoughts........nice work!

    1. Hi..nice to see your presence again :)
      And it feels nicer to see that you have read it not superficially but with patience and depth :)
      Thank You :)

  10. superb way of penning deep thoughts. really motivating.

  11. everything gone over head just like bouncers...

    1. that's it again..probably this time they-the bouncers will welcome you :)

  12. The mind is its own master...its own mistress and its own follower...

    Let the mind run...let the mind sing...

    Attune it to heart, let both of them win!

  13. Replies
    1. thank you :)
      glad to see your comment here :)

  14. This sure is a hard truth to accept. So much so - that we don't know what to believe in. Nice post! :)

  15. This is beautiful! :) Thanks for giving us this read!

  16. Really life as complex as pebbles. You try to find out something& it would again make you confused with its presence.

    Very nice poem! :)

  17. Beautiful thought,the concluding lines are superb.

  18. Absolutely wonderful! So profound! I loved it Sakshi:)

  19. tranqui...serene ...picturesque ...a Kodak moment well captured :)

    1. thank you :)
      and yes you described it absolutely right :)

  20. The last para is 2 gud. Loved it :)

  21. Amazingly written ... loved it :-)

  22. That was a nice reflection,Sakshi. Enjoyed reading it. And to try something to add as a tribute:

    I have been so lucky in life
    To collect a lot of pebbles.
    Yes. There was unrest and strife
    But I never allowed them to throttle

    My life, I live it the way I like,
    Counting on pebbles to support me
    When I am down or sorrow strikes.
    They are delightful to me.

    Be it a sibling or just a friend,
    Their acts of kindness is etched
    In my memory, thus forming a pebble,
    Thankfully they are not farfetched.

    I may rest a bit happier
    Had I done something good
    To someone who is far or near,
    And hence not forgotten good.

    1. Hey..thanx a lot :)
      and beautiful lines you have shared I must say..
      I'm looking forward to more such lovely comments..!!

  23. very beautifully written dear!! :-)